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H2OPal black-blue design
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Integrates with MyWaterBalance to track your daily intake.
30% exclusive discount for My Water Balance users until June 16.
Discounted price: $69.30
(Regular sale price: $99.00)
Easy to use iPhone and Apple Watch apps.
Loved by Thousands of Users
Included with each H2OPal
Premium uniquely designed 18.6 oz water bottle
Components: high-quality borosilicate glass,stainless steel bottle cap, silicone bands forprotection and better grip, H2OPal attachment,and tracker.
Long-lasting battery life.
1-year warranty.
If you’re not satisfied with H2OPal just send it back within 30 days for a full refund.
Offer Details
MyWaterBalance has partnered with H2OPal to provide an integration with the H2OPal app so MyWaterBalance users can also use H2OPal to automatically track their water intake.

As part of the cooperation, MyWaterBalance has also secured an exclusive discount for its users. It is currently the most affordable option to purchase your H2OPal anywhere online or in retail. This offer will last until June 16. You will still be able to purchase an H2OPal through the MyWaterBalance after May though further discounts are not planned.

You can also complete the purchase on your computer by going to and entering the promocode: WATERBALANCE
Full price: $99.00
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