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Sustainable Weight Loss, Improved Focus and Physical Performance, Better Skin Complexion, ...
Smart Water Bottle Technology to Track and Improve Your Water Intake.

The Most Advanced Hydration Tracker


Get Smart

See Your

Measuring your progress over time can be incredibly powerful
if you want to have a healthy habit of drinking water.
Smart bottle automatically tracks your intake and syncs data with your smartphone.
Sends personalized and timely notifications so you stay well hydrated throughout the entire day.
Provides a personalized hydration goal and measures and encourages progress over time.
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Overview of H2OPal’s hardware, software & features.

Why It Works

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for You

Leads to improved focus, immunity, metabolism, more energy,
and better skin. (Learn more)

Intuitive App

H2OPal has a beautiful, easy to use iOS app, that’s also available on Apple Watch and it’s coming soon to Android as well.

Great Integrations

Sharing is made easy through integration with Apple Health and Fitbit and on devices that use Amazon Alexa you can now also talk with your H2OPal.

Nonintrusive & Simple

H2OPal has long lasting battery life and it doesn't change the way you use and drink from a water bottle.
Shifting just 10% of your hydration needs from soda to water can save you over 3000 calories each month.(1)
“If you don't drink enough water like me, this is a great product. It's easy to use and a great reminder to keep hydrated.”
App Store Review
“I'm obsessed with this app, if you keep track of your water intake you'll love it too! Love how you can make it an optional icon on your Apple Watch face.”
App Store Review
“I always have a tendency to forget to drink enough water throughout the day. Plus I honestly can't count exactly how many ounces I've had. This is perfect for me to stay hydrated and active!!”
App Store Review
“Love it! This is a smart water hydration tracker that connects with your iPhone and watch, has notifications to let you know if you're behind or doing great. Gives you a goal to work towards of which you can go beyond as well. Brilliant🎉👏”
App Store Review
“I purchased this product in order to monitor my water intake to be sure I was meeting my daily requirements for medical reasons to assure I keep my kidneys flushed. It works as advertised and does a great job.”
App Store Review
“I had bariatric surgery and need to be sure I drink a certain amount of water a day love that it reminds me i need to drink and also helps me make sure i drink what i need very well worth it.”
App Store Review
“This water bottle is amazing!! It's sporty and I get compliments about it everywhere I go.”
Amazon Review
“It was very easy to set up and I'm drinking more water than I've ever dranked before. If your thinking about it, get it! It's well worth the price and more.”
Amazon Review
“This is by far the best water tracker I have ever used. I have tried two other and they stopped working within a month. Great buy, worth every penny.”
Amazon Review
“It was very easy to set up and I'm drinking more water than I've ever dranked before. If your thinking about it, get it! It's well worth the price and more.”
Amazon Review
“I love this. It works great and has totally gotten me to start drinking water. I used to go all day with maybe a glass of water. Now its a challenge to meet my daily goal. I love how it connects with your activity tracker and looks up the weather to give you a smart suggestion for how much water YOU actually need that day. Just great!”
Amazon Review
“I definitely recommend this hydration tracker to anyone wanting to track your daily water intake. Don't make the same mistake I did by trying other hydration trackers on the market, this is the best out there and you won't be sorry. Make this your first hydration tracker and it will also be your last, don't waste your money on anything else!”
Amazon Review
“Excellent. Had not been drinking a sufficient amount of water daily and this has made a huge difference. Keeps me on track daily; especially at work, when getting side tracked with projects and forgetting to drink water.”
Amazon Review
“This was worth every penny. I never drink water and I needed some motivation to change my lifestyle, this was it. Plus the bottle is adorable and feels great to hold.”
Amazon Review
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(1) Based on average self-reported male calorie intake from Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 and the caloric value of a well known soda brand.